4th Quarter 2017 - LAST QUARTER REPORT

31ST December, 2017

  • Church progress
(a) Evangelism
(b) Church building
(c) Church attendance
(d) Planned activities
  • Condition of my health
  • God’s gift
  • Conclusion

A little over two years since I got in contact with the elders of Washington Church of Christ, Pennsylvania, USA through Brother George Adom from Ghana to join hands in doing the Lord’s work at Asuboa and Dampong Churches of Christ in Ghana. To me the task has not been easy but by the grace of God things went on successfully except my health in latter days did not permit me to work as I determined to. However, the little success I chalked was through the effort brother Isaac Opoku helped in doing.
(A) Evangelism
The educational background of almost all the brethren in the two churches has been a source of worry in propagating the word of God. However, we managed to do some house-to-house personal work. I intend adding a brother by name Samuel K. Safo, who is currently undertaking a part-time certificate course in Biblical Studies at the Ghana Bible College, Kumasi- Ghana. I will be using part of God’s gift to cater for the work of God in the two churches as from 1st March 2018. This means, the three of us shall be going to the place fortnightly.
(B) Church Building
At Dampong a middle aged brother, Collins Kwaning, working in Kumasi donated 30 bags of cement for the completion of casting of the floor of the foundation of the auditorium. The work has been executed through communal labour by both men and women in the church. By the grace of God the church has also through our effort moulded 1000 pieces of sandcrete blocks to begin raising the auditorium and the two offices in the building. In the case of Asuboa, work will begin again in the first quarter of 2018 (January – March). For the past year I harmed on the reluctance of the people to join the church because of building and facilities in the church. When at least plastic chairs are being used in other churches we still use benches. Those denominational churches get assistance from their headquarters and we do not have since each church of Christ is an autonomous body. They distribute envelopes to solicit for funds from even pagans and we cannot do that.
(C) Church Attendance and Giving
The situation of both church attendance and giving improve tremendously getting to end of every year as that is the period when farming activities decrease with corresponding increase in giving. Cocoa farmers amongst get paid for their farm produce and as usual give generously towards church building.
(D) Planned Activities for the year 2018
(i) The two churches have planned to team up to train a preacher since my health would not permit me to work in the next few years. It is agreed that since their educational background is low we will pray and get a trained preacher who will be willing to permanently stay in one of the towns to man the churches on full- time.
(ii) All the two churches will continue to work on their buildings with the little resource at hand
(iii) Continue with fasting and prayers on Fridays and Wednesdays for Asuboa and Dampong respectively. This program broke down when my health problems set in.
(iv) Attend the Life Improvement Workshop in Kumasi during the Good Friday and Easter festivities this year. That is from 29th March 2018 to 2nd April, 2018.
(v) Organise two public preaching one at Asuboa and the other at Dampong. Suggested dates are as follows; Asuboa – 25th April 2018 to 28th April 2018.
Dampong – 26th September to 29th September 2018. We shall invite two preachers for each of the programmes.
(vi) Visitor’s Day on dates to be decided later in each town during the year 2018.
  • My Health Conditions I am still struggling to get better in my health. I have done the laboratory test and will be presenting it to the doctor on the 16th January, 2018, after which I will be in a position to determine my capability on the work, but whatever the situation it is the will of God that will be done
  • Financial Support ( God’s Gift)
The financial support for God’s work given me throughout the year 2017 was as follows
January – USD 200.00
February – USD 200.00 – 21/02/2017
March and April –USD 400.00 –24/03 /2017
May and June – USD 400.00 – 31/05/2017
July and August – USD 400.00 – 18/07/2017
September and October- USD 400.00 – 25/ 09/ 2017
November and December –USD 400.00 – 18/12/2017
January’s support was included in the one sent to me in December 2017.
  • Conclusion My last quarter for the year ending 31st December, 2017 will be inconclusive if I do not give praises to God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son for the continued protection of Brother Opoku and I from any mishaps on our roads throughout the year 2017.
My thanks also go to the elders of your local congregation. Continue in your duty in sending the word of God to the two towns through me.
Greetings to you all through the blood of Jesus Christ which sanctifies us all the time. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all , AMEN

Yours faithfully,
Brother John






It is yet another quarter of our deliberations in working for the Lord so as to get the message of God to people outside the Church of Christ and also to keep those who have already accepted Christ as the son of God and have been baptized into the Lord’s church.

Therefore, I hope my effort to maintain the brethren who have accepted Christ and were baptized not to go astray. Christ Himself prayed for unity among the brethren in John 17. As a result things are put in place to make the two churches an interesting place for the brethren to feel secured in worshipping God throughout their lives.

On behalf of the two churches and on my own behalf, I send you our warmest greetings. Grace and peace be to you from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ through whom we receive all our spiritual blessings.


The work on the two church buildings, one each at Asuboa and Dampong, which was suspended due to financial constrains has again resumed earnestly. With the building at Dampong, casting of the foundation is almost complete. The little portion left needs about twenty bags of cement and that will completed by the end of October, 2017. We will by the grace of God gather resources again till the end of this year through giving and voluntary contributions to continue again in January 2018, if it is the will of God. In the case of Asuboa church’s building, the other part of the roof which nearly caved in has been ripped off paving way for the walls to be raised and roofed some time last year. This is also expected to be completed by the end of this year, after which we shall fix a time frame for the continuation of plastering the walls and fixing of the doors.

CHURCH WORK Normal church activities in the churches continue to progress unabated. For the past quarter, things did not go down well with me as I expected due to my ill-health which I have already numerated through a text message I sent to Brother Jeffery. I am highly optimistic that the Lord will heal me completely to continue with the vigorous work I am doing for the Lord in the two churches. I pray that you should not forget me in your prayers. For the past months I have not been of myself and therefore could not work efficiently to my satisfaction. Most of the programs I planned to execute during the period have to be put on hold pending my speedy recovery. Man proposes but God disposes. Surely, God will provide me with the necessary tools as in Ephesians 6, to fight the evil one the Satan.


On records, the financial support comes every two months. The last two months meant for September and October was received on the 26th September, 2017. So for the third quarter, I received USD 600.00. Details of the support was received as follows.

  • July, 2017 – USD 200.00
  • August, 2017 – USD 200.00
  • September, 2017 – USD 200.00

The contribution for October even through has been received yet it is part of the last quarter, for 2017. This means it is left with two months in the fourth quarter. I will capture the month of the October in the last quarter report.


I have already mentioned to you in my text message through Brother Jeffery, I am to see the urologist again on the 14th of November, 2017 to do another test see the magnitude of the prostrate enlargement. I am also praying that the prostrate problem will not be a stumbling block between the work I’m doing for the Lord and I. the fear in me is that prostrate problems send many men in Ghana to the grave and so I pray that you do not rest in praying for me. Thank you and God bless you all in Jesus Christ’s name.

Brother John



July 12, 2017 REPORT



1st APRIL to 30th JUNE, 2017




  • Introduction
  • Evangelism
  • Baptism
  • Financial support (God’s Gift)
  • Rescheduling some programs
  • Life improvement workshop
  • Conclusion


Greetings to you from the two Churches of Christ and from my family. Grace, peace and mercy be unto the elders, leading members and the entire congregation, not forgetting Brother George Adom and enjoy much of the greetings yourself, Brother Jeffery. As usual the Lord’s work went on successfully during the period under review (1st April through to 30th June, 2017) even though at times there were hitches here and there but no matter the situation the work went on unabated because if God says Yes no one can say No. As a result I am making inroads into their system of accepting Christ as their personal Savior.


From April to the end of June as I wanted the Lord’s work to go on smoothly, I engaged Brother Isaac Kwame Opoku a preacher at Esreso Church of Christ, who has also moved from his place to stay at Ejisu. He is now without a church to preach. We rotate on weekly basis while I am at Asuboa he will be at Dampong and vice-versa. I bear his expenses on any day we make a trip. This method is yielding positive results. We have agreed on launching “Operation Win A Soul” for the Lord from Sunday 30th July to 31st December 2017. Many activities will be outlined and the program will be communicated to you in the next quarterly report.


A recalcitrant teenager, staying around my residence at Ejisu was baptized into the Lord’s church at Ejisu. Her Catholic parents could not control her. With her mounting problems at the highest peak she left her home and joined a group of outcast juveniles and came home pregnant. After giving birth, she wanted to go back to her hideout. Her parents had to report to me and through the mighty work of the Lord she accepted Christ as the Son of God and was baptized into Ejisu church on the 7th of May, 2017. She is called Joana Adu Bobi aged 17.

At Asuboa, one Mr. Francis Oduro, 72 years and a retired headmaster of a junior high school, was baptized into the Lord’s church on 25th June, 2017. Mr. Oduro has been a staunch member of the local Presbyterian Church and a well-known person because of his profession.

Financial Support

On 23rd April, I had USD 400.00 for the months of March and April, 2017. That of May and June contributions were sent to me on the 31st of May, 2017. Therefore the contributions came to me as follows; between 1st April and 30th June.

April, 2017 – USD 200.0

May, 2017 – USD 200.00

June, 2017 – USD 200.00

Totaling USD 600.00

This amount covered travelling expenses and meals for the two of us and the purchase of 70 pairs of second hand trousers for the men at Asuboa and Dampong. As well as catering for 20 members of the churches to attend the Life Improvement Workshop hosted by the Churches of Christ in Kumasi, from 13th – 17th April, 2017 at KNUST Senior High School campus.

Rescheduling of Programs.

The rainfall pattern has changed hence an increase in rainfall between May to-date, forcing us to postpone some major activities lined up for the period. However, we hope the rainfall will subside to give way for the Visitor’s Day with fellowship at Dampong on 6th August, 2017. Individuals will be invited to worship with us after which there will be a fellowship meal for all the invitees and church members. We take records of all the visitors and then follow them up for bible studies in their homes. “Operation Win A Soul” for the Lord will be launched on that day. We are also planning to use the day as “Homecoming” to invite the brethren who have left the town to sojourn in the cities for greener pastures to come to our aid in the church building.

Prayer Request.

I refer to James 4: 13- 15 and ask your elders to pray for Brother Sampson Ofori and two other old women including a blind member who at the moment cannot make a move to attend church service. For the blind woman, she was baptized in her blindness. She used to come to church with the help of some sisters but now she can no longer walk. All the three are above the age 85.

There is another middle aged sister who has some chronic ailment. Please I would be very grateful if the elders pray for them in the spirit even though they are not with us. I do believe in intercessory prayers to the letter and how they work perfectly.

My wife has also been battling with a cardiovascular disease for some time now and needs your prayers. It has not been easy treating her. It has been diagnosed as a heart failure. I have spent a lot and still spending because she has not yet seen the green light since 2013.


With the inclusion of Brother Isaac Kwame Opoku, who graduated from the Ghana Bible College in 2004, church attendance has been steadily increasing in both churches as a result. An itinerary has been drawn to cater for the churches, in this we change the pulpit each other week making it possible for them to have a preacher in each church on each Sunday. Finally, the death of the Bompata church preacher has created a vacuum there and since the church is not too far from Asuboa, the brethren has called on me to be visiting them at least to boost their spiritual up growth. I am very optimistic the Lord who has strengthened us will see us through all the activities planned.

My warmest greetings to all the elders, leaders and members of the Washington Church of Christ, Pennsylvania. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all in Jesus’s Name, Amen.

This’s Brother John

APRIL 3, 2017 Report







A. Salutation

B. Introduction

C. Gift from God (Financial Support)

D. Activities Performed

E. Programme of Activities Planned for next Quarter.

F. Request Prayers for the Aged and the Sick

G. Material Support for Church Member

H. Conclusion.


Grace and peace be to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.


This is the first Quarter Report in 2017, that is from 1st January - 31st March, 2017 , concerning programmes and activities at both Asuboa and Dampong Churches of Christ in Ghana. It is the sixth Report in our deliberations so far as the Lord's work concerned in the two churches since September, 2015. The periods are as follows:

October - December 2015

January - March, 2016

April - June, 2016

July - September, 2016

October - December, 2016

January - March, 2016


During this period , I received February's contribution as well as that of March/April, 2017. The contribution for January has already been captured in the October - December, 2015 Report sent to you last January, 2017. This is the summary of how the support was received:- January support received in December, together with that of December 2016 - US$400.00 February's gift received on 13th February, 2017 - US$200.00, March/April, 2017, - US$400.00


The period under review the following activities were performed (a) We had three joint meetings, a monthly joint worship by the two churches on the following Sundays: 29th January, 2017 at Asuboa, 26th February at Dampong and 26th March,2017 at Asuboa. As usual we invite a preacher from outside the two churches worship with us by preaching the sermon.


The building projects are still on going but the only setback at the moment is the Christian brother who takes time off his busy schedule in Kumasi to come to our aid in the masonry work. He is now very busy on a project and has asked us to suspend work on our projects till early June, 2017. We are praying that things would work faster than before.


I still attach importance to prayers on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am - 2pm on each day. On these days it is a taboo to do any farming work at Dampong and Asuboa respectively.I engage them in prayer sessions so that that they do not engage themselves in any unwanted activities.



The Life Improvement Workshop is coming off again at the Technology Senior High School on the Campus of Kwame Nkrumah of Science and Technology, Kumasi. We have already prepared to attend the programme from 13th April to 16th April, 2017.


The second Mens Training programme is to be organized at Dampong in June, 2017. The actual date to be fixed later in May, 2017.


Brother Sampson Ofori and his wife need prayers from the elders of the Washington Church of Christ. Brother Ofori's feet are swollen again.He has been the pivot in the church and it is on record that ,he, his family and his extended family form at least over 50% of the population of the church at Asuboa.


Down the memory lane, when the churches were established, I did solicit clothing from friends and well-wishers in churches of Christ in the city for distribution to adults in the two churches for farming work. This time around, I am continue the exercise by sending them farming implements, eg. machetes and wellington boots for use in their farming as this will boost their morale.


My sincere thanks will forever go to the elders, leaders and all members of the Washington Church of Christ for keeping me more active in the service of the Lord despite my age.I am more prepared than ever to work for the Lord.

I am confident in the Lord that by the close of this year things will change totally in the two Churches.

Thank you and God bless you all in the Name of CHRIST JESUS, amen


January 10, 2017 Report

To The Elders through Brother Jeffery
Report on Asuboa and Dampong Churches of Christ from 1st October to 31st December 2016.
Highlights of Report
  • Salutation
  • Financial Support
  • Men’s Training Program
  • Contributions Towards Church Building
  • Average Attendance and Giving
  • Baptism
  • Brother Sampson Ofori’s incapacitation
  • Birthday
  • Conclusion
Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins, that He might deliver us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father. To whom be glory forever and ever, Amen. Gal. 1: 3-5.
I hope every member of your congregation is rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer to achieve the ultimate goal of entering heaven after our death.
Financial Support Received During The Period
  • Four hundred USD ($400) was received to cater for October and November, 2016 expenditure.
  • Another four hundred USD ($400) has been received to cater for December,2016 and January,2017.
  • The total amount of eight hundred USD ($800) has been received from 1st October, 2016 to 31st January,2017.
Men’s Training Program
As captured in the last report a three-day Men’s training program was organized to train the men in the Asuboa and Dampong Churches of Christ. It took place at Asuboa from the 18th through to the 20th of November, 2016.
Some selected brothers from two other nearby churches; Bompata and Atwedie also attended the program. In all 23 brethren attended the program including two research persons and myself. Two Hundred and eighty USD($280) was used for the training program. This amount was spent on the following: food, transportation and accommodation of the two resource persons and the brethren outside the Asuboa Church.
Contributions Towards The Church Buildings
Every year, between September and December, which is the cocoa season; church members are encouraged to increase their personal giving and also to at least do some donations, especially those who can afford it. This has yielded results in Asuboa more than Dampong.
As a result of this, the Asuboa church is continuing with the other half of the church building in an earnest way. The communal spirit exhibited by the brethren at Asuboa is worthy of recommendation.
Sunday School Lessons For Both Churches
In order to have a uniform lesson for the churches, I have started and shall continue to provide lessons that will benefit them all.
For a start, lessons on church attendance are being thought. Reference book: Ready Reference for Growing Christians, which I borrowed from a brother since we are now receiving regular visitors on Sundays.
Average Attendance And Giving.
The lesson has made a remarkable improvement in church attendance and we now record an average attendance of 55 including children at Asuboa and 35 at Dampong. Giving too has gone up at least by 15 percent.
A young lady by name Miss Agyemang, the daughter of one Brother Kwabena Agyemang has been baptized and added to the church at Asuboa. She was baptized during the men’s training program in November, 2016.
Brother Sampson Ofori is now finding it difficult to attend church service on Sundays. He is not actually bed ridden but he cannot simply walk to the church premises because of the distance. Please I pray that the elders of your church would remember him in prayers anytime your church meets. Apart from God, Brother Ofori has been our pivot in the church. We have been praying for him and I plead that your additional prayers can make a difference.
By the grace of God my 65th birthday falls on the 25th of January,2017. My prayer and plea to God Almighty is that He should give me more strength to work harder and present a tall list of baptized people to Him on my 66th birthday in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.
Buying and sending second hand clothes to both children and adults have become my concern and during the period under review. I managed to send used shoes and clothes to 25 children both girls and boys and this is paving way for the swelling number during Sunday services both at Asuboa and Dampong.
Please, do your best to get me a copy of a Ready Reference for Growing Christians. Deluxe Edition. Publishers: Sain Publications and mail it through DHL to the following address:
Wilson J.E Anyim
Post Office Box EJ 477
I would not mind if the cost of the book and the mailing cost are deducted from the next financial support to me. On the net it is costing $16.95 per copy. I will manage to clear it from the post office. I really need the book, I would appreciate it if I get a copy of it.

Thanks To God For A Peaceful Election In Ghana.
By the grace of God, Ghanaians have again scaled through another hot and keenly contested election unscratched.
I quite remember I put in a prayer request for God’s intervention and protection for the nation, with fervent prayers God has actually listened to us.
During the campaign period fear gripped both Christians and non- Christians. Attacks and counter attacks by supporters of political parties made us to panic in our homes.
Our Lord Jesus Christ raised His powerful hands and cooled down things. Even though the security listed about 5000 flash points across the country none of them could cause any havoc. Satan failed in his bit to let blood flow in Ghana. We have witnessed the inaugural ceremony of the new president and parliament on the 7th of January,2017. I am very grateful to you and the church for your prayers.

Finally, I believe that my mode of operation is changing things fast at Asuboa Church same cannot be said for Dampong. The ground there is a little bit hard. I need prayers to make things easier.
The next public preaching will be at Dampong, possibly in the 1st week of March 2017. Continue in your effort to assist us and your toils would not be in vain.
The Lord make His face shine upon you all and be gracious unto you.
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace and all your needs in this year.
Brother, John

Brother Jeffery,

In the gracious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, I humbly submit through you to the elders and members of your church the 4th quarter report : 1st July to 30th September, 2016 on the activities of the Asuboa and Dampong churches as I have been doing for the past twelve months( October 2015 to 30th September 2016). Since you have the previous reports I would only mention some salient points which are worth remembering. 1st Quarter Report (1st October – 31st December, 2015)
  • That was the beginning of our contacts, an initiative of Brother George Adom and Brother Jeffery and his wife, Rener.
  • A questionnaire was sent to me and I answered and returned it.
  • Financial support started coming from your church – US$ 600.00 for my effort in God’s work.
  • Visitors Day/Fellowship organized in honour of Brother Sampson Ofori, the eldest brother in the church whose contribution has been exceptional towards all church projects.
2nd Quarter Report (1st January – 31st March ,2016)
  • My appreciation went to the elders and members of your church and also much went to Brother and Sister Bunner who held the bull by the horn to consider my plight as a pensioner doing God’s work by supporting me before taking over the church in October, 2015.
  • We attended an annual program “Life improvement workshop” by the churches of Christ in Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana. A program which I chaired for eight consecutive years (1997-2005).
  • A room was rented at damping for three years at a cost of US$250.00.
  • Material support was revisited because at the time of sending the report nothing was at hand.
  • An amount of US$600 was received.
3rd Quarter Report (1st April – 30th June, 2016)
  • Attended two leadership Training Workshops at Asante Juaben and Ejisu. Resource person: Principal, Ghana Bible College, Kumasi.
  • Roofed the other part of the Asuboa Church
  • Sand for molding sandcrete blocks for the Asuboa Church was bought.
  • We lost a preacher at Bompata, a town close to Asuboa, in the same district
  • I have been approached by the Bompata church to be visiting them periodically.
  • From April 1st to June 30th 2016 I visited the church three times a week.
  • Brother George Adom assured me of the arrival of the material support.
  • An amount of US$ was received for the continuation of God’s work in the two churches.
  • The program of activities for the rest of the year from 1st October to 31st of December, 2016 was outlined.
4th Quarter ReportACTIVITIES Prayer and fasting program on Wednesdays and Fridays. Brother George and his family joined us at Asuboa in August 2016 for the prayers after which we drove to Dampong to see the building project. I am sure he might have shown you the coverage.Sunday afternoons are used for house-to-house evangelism. One female teacher was baptized at Dampong and three others restored at Asuboa.PROBLEMSThe main problems are:
  1. 1. People do not want to join the church not because of our teaching but the church building.
  2. 2. The urban drift where young men and women leave the towns in search of greener pastures in the cities
  3. 3. It will take us several years to complete the projects if no assistance is given to us by our brethren who are sojourning in the cities.
  4. 4. To motivate the members I have started buying second hand clothing for them but my effort is not anything to write home about.
SOURCE OF INCOMEThe men in both churches met together to deliberate on what to do to arrest the financial situation.In this regard we agreed to take a venture that can help at least raise some money on our own to help in the building of the churches.Initially we have started rearing of snails, which will need a small capital.On the other hand, if there will be any form of support from your end we shall appreciate it.SETBACKThe buildings are a setback in our efforts. People are reluctant to join the church because of the poor buildings.PROJECTWhilst the Asuboa church is trying to make sandcrete blocks, Dampong has already been able to mold about one thousand blocks. Though this is woefully in adequate to continue with the work.LEADERSHIP TRAININGWe are still following the programs we have outlined for the rest of the year; 1st October to 31st December and we need prayers from you as well.VISITSFrom 1st July to 30th September, 2016, I visited the two churches interchangeably on Sundays. Wednesdays and Fridays at Dampong and Asuboa respectively. Brother George will testify to the nature of feeder road I travel on to work in the area. I will plead with the elders of the church to invite Brother George Adum to throw more light on the risk involved but since I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ I will always travel safely on it.RENTED ROOMUnfortunately, I have not been able to occupy the room I rented at Dampong because of furniture problem. The church at Dampong is unable to assist so I am only relying on the financial support and that is too has a lot things to do. I am praying that I will be able to ocuupy the room before the end of the year if it is the will of the Lord Almighty.MATERIAL SUPPORTEven though I have already acknowledged receipt of material support from the Washington church of Christ for the gospel work at Asuboa and Dampong and beyond there is the need to re-mention the items in this report.
The following were the materials and equipment received:
  1. 1. Thompson Chain Reference Bible – 5 copies
  2. 2. Matthew – Henry’s Concise Commentary on the whole Bible – 5 copies
  3. 3. Laptop Computer from Brother George – 1.
  4. 4. Printer/ scanner from Brother George – 1.
  5. 5. Projector
  6. 6. Projector screen
  7. 7. Amplifier
  8. 8. Loud speaker
  9. 9. Tracts for personal work
  10. 10. Four Mic VHF Wireless Rack Mount Mic System
DISTRIBUTIONAs I indicated when I was requesting for study materials, I have given fifteen NKJV bibles each church. The remaining twenty copies are reserved for those who will accept Christ and are baptized (new converts). The Thompson Chain Reference together with Matthew-Henry’s Concise Commentary on the whole bible are also distributed as follows:
  1. 1. Brother Isaac Adusei Asamoah a preacher to assist at the Dampong church of Christ.
  2. 2. Brother David Adjei to take care of the Asuboa Church of Christ.
  3. 3. Brother Daniel Anyim who is a youth leader in charge of evangelism in some selected senior high schools under Bomso Church of Christ, Kumasi.
  4. 4. I took one for myself
  5. 5. The other set is put on hold looking for another preacher who will volunteer to assist me in the house-to-house evangelism.
  6. 6. The other equipment are earmarked for public preaching and training of church leaders.
FINANCIAL SUPPORTBetween 1st July and 30th September an amount of US$ 600 was received.July –US$200 = 735.11 Ghana CedisAugust –US$200 =757.36 Ghana CedisSeptember –US$ 200 =757.36 Ghana CedisThe above amount was received in that order. EXPENDITURE40 total visits each costing 35 Ghana Cedis in a return trip = 1400.00 Ghana Cedis.Total visits on Sunday with a brother to assist either at Asuboa or Dampong depending on where he will be assigned. At 35 cedis including his pocket money for thirteen Sundays sums up to 455 Ghana Cedis.JOINT MEETINGSWe had three joint meetings one at Dampong and two at Asuboa. Sometimes I use the support to help the old women who cannot make the trip on foot to take taxis. This depends on the number at each time and I regard that as miscellaneous.CHURCH ATTENDANCEThis has improved a bit but sometimes it falls below expectation when a funeral is performed with most relatives in the church and this cuts across the whole church divide.FUND RAISINGIn order to continue with our church projects an appeal has gone to all church members to do their best by increasing their giving on Sundays, apart from the venture we want to take in snail rearing.AN APPEALI am still appealing to the elders of the Washington Church of Christ to consider sending me some money to purchase the generator. I requested for it because I still need it for public preaching in villages without electricity.PRAYER REQUEST
  1. 1. Tension is so high in Ghanaian politics that I want to request for prayers to calm down the situation before, during and after the election for the rest of the year. We actually need prayers to save the situation.
  2. 2. The two churches to work harder and for me and my family.
CONCLUSIONThe two churches are still going through difficulties especially in the projects. All denominational churches look down upon the Church of Christ, not because of our teaching but our buildings. I pray that God will continue to touch your hearts in all your efforts to support me and the churches in diverse ways.May the Lord God keep blessing you all, AMEN.



Attention: Brother Jeffery Bunner

In performing the work of God in some parts of Ghana especially in the Ashanti and Eastern Regions, the elders of the Washington Church of Christ in collaboration with Brother John E. W. Anyim to evangelise the area of Asuboa and Dampong in Asante- Akyem and beyond became imperative for our brothers and sisters of Washington Church of Christ in the States to take up the mantle by assisting in this direction.
Two quarter reports have already been sent through Brother Jeffery Bunner who is presently coordinating for both sides since October, 2015.
The assistance of the church has been in two folds:- Financial support and Material support (in the form of study materials and equipment). In the case of financial support things have been smooth and the monthly support has always been brought without difficulties except the last month of June which is yet to be received
It has been another three months of hectic evangelism without study materials.
Owing to economic hardship and urban drift to the cities, the young men and women are leaving for the urban areas for menial work to make a living thus sometimes crippling the churches. Young men who are trained sometimes leave the place but we are lucky that wherever they go, they still maintain their faith. We have intended organising a homecoming for the brethren in November, this year.
I have never rested for the period except in the 2nd week of June when I could not go because I had a strange ailment. My whole face got swollen when I woke up one Saturday morning. It took me three days to see things clearly after receiving treatment from the Medical Doctors at KUNST Hospital. I lost one Sunday within the three months period owing to the ailment.
In May, I attended a leadership training programme at Asante-Juabeng and another one at Ejisu Church of Christ organised by the Principal of Ghana Bible College. All workshops were one-day duration
Each church is still continuing with their various
Roofing of Asuboa Church: As indicated in the second quarter report, the other part of the building has been roofed but it has become necessary to rip- off the first part and re-roof it by raising it to be at par with the half newly roofed part. Sand for moulding of sandcrete blocks has been bought, and work would soon begin as soon as the blocks are moulded. We would hire expects to help us achieve this goal. God’s willing before the end of 2016.
In the case of Dampong we are still contributing financially to get enough money.
We are to organise four major programmes between 1st July and 31st December, 2016.
  1. 1. Prayer and fasting: two times each at Asuboa and Dampong to re-strengthen us in the evangelism.
Dampong in the second week of September, 2016
  • Resource person(s) from Ejisu Church of Christ, most likely the Preacher.
Asuboa in the second week of November, 2016
  • Resource person from Bomso Church of Christ- Kumasi.
This is to be organised at Dampong Church of Christ in the last Sunday in November, 2016. The occasion would be climaxed with honouring of two old women who joined the church in 1984 and have since been active members.
Guest speaker will be an elder from the Oforikrom Church of Christ- Kumasi.
Asuboa :- October, 2016 and Dampong in December, 2016.
Duration:-Three nights each from 6:30- 9:00 pm each day.
Speakers to be drawn from the Evangelism team in Kumasi.
Out of the number of people I studied with one woman has been baptised at Dampong, others still want to have further studies with us before giving themselves to Christ.
The new convert is Eva Osei, a teacher by profession and teaches in a Junior High School at Dampong. Incidentally her husband is a Christian brother at Boshen, a suburb of Kumasi.
I have used part of my financial support to purchase second hand clothing for all categories of members (men, women and children) as sign of motivation for both churches.
For the period between 1st April and June 30th 2016 I have received two monthly supports
  • The April support was received on the 24th of April 2016 –USD 200
  • That of May 2016 was received on June 6 2016 –USD 200
A total of USD 800.00 has so far been received at the time of sending this third quarter report. Brother Jeffrey Bunner sent me both the Support for June and July, 2016.
Even though Brother George is in Ghana the study materials and the equipment are yet to be received due to clearing problems at our main sea port in Tema. He has however assured me that the vehicle may be at home by Saturday, 16th of July 2016.
I have already told you earlier that clearing of goods at Tema harbour is very difficult due to a lot of frustrations that will be put in one’s way, but I hope those impediments did not stop him from clearing his vehicle by the grace of God.
Finally the goods were cleared on Saturday, 16th July, 2016 and brought to me on same day.
The following materials and equipment were received:
NKJV Bibles………………………………………………..50 copies
Matthew Henry’ Concise Commentary……………………5 copies
Thompson Chain Reference………………............................5 copies
Laptop hp computer Desk Jet 2132 Printer from Brother George Adom
PTA 1000 Power Amplifier (pyLE)…………………………1
pyLE PDWM 4300 4 MIC VHF Wireless System…………………..1
Projector (Crenova)………………………………………….1
Excel Van Projector Screen………………………………….1
PyLE PP11P 1599 A1 15”1600 Watts Portable Full Range Loud Speaker System (Built in USB/MP3 & ipod Dock)……………………………………..1
I regret to inform you of the death of Brother Asamoah, the preacher of Bompata Church of Christ; who led the Bompata Church of Christ to attend to the honouring ceremony of Brother Sampson Ofori at Asuboa, in November last year. He died last Tuesday, 12th July, 2016 after a short illness at a Presbyterian Hospital at Agogo the District capital. The burial and funeral
With hard work and dedication, personal work and public preaching will definitely go on as planned. To achieve our objectives successfully would depend exclusively on the grace given to us by God to plan and act wisely in Jesus name, Amen.
Without God nothing can be achievable so I plead that the elders of Washington Church of Christ should not forget us but continue to pray for us because things are so harsh in Ghana that a lot of the brethren are finding it tough to attend church services on Sundays; due to economic constraints.
Brethren, to be honest with you, our smaller churches are really suffering.


Grace, mercy, and peace be with you from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father in truth and love.

Please I submit below;


The Washington Church of Christ has been of tremendous help to me and the two churches of Christ at Asuboa and Dampong in Ghana for the past six (6) months.
I take this opportunity to again render my sincere gratitude to Brother Jeffrey and his wife, Rener, the Elders, Leaders as well as members of your church; not forgetting my Ghanaian brother, George Adom on behalf the above two churches in Ghana. May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ continue to keep you in high spirit in your benevolence. (Micah 6:8, Deut. 15:10 and Gal 6:10).
For the past three (3) months I received a total of $600.00. US$400.00 on 16th February for both January /February due to the delay of sending you the first quarter report from my end (which has already been explained in my previous report) US $200.00 for the month of March, 2016 on 24th of same month.ACTIVITIES
In my first report, I made mention of renting two rooms, one in each town to curtail the frequent travels on commercial vehicles which sometimes pose danger to human lives because of the nature of our roads and the subsequent reckless driving by some drivers. The cost of the room is US$250.00 for the next three (3) years. I have made full payment through the financial support. This will give me enough to spend in the towns to avoid inconveniencing the brethren anytime I want to spend the night there. It will also curtail my frequent travels.
(a) Dampong Church: Work on the church building has been suspended till next July, 2016 to enable to rebuild a little capital to continue with it.(b) Asuboa Church: Materials have been acquired for the roofing and by the time of sending you my next report we might have been able to roof it if funds for the workmanship (labour cost) has been achieved.
This is an annual event organised by some churches of Christ in Kumasi, the 2nd largest city in Ghana. Many congregations from other parts of the country attend the 4 day programme to study the Bible to improve their lives. This year’s was the 36th annual programme and it was started on the 24th March and ended on 28th March, 2016. I was the Chairman of the organising committee for 8 consecutive years, from 1997 to 2005 and handed over to another preacher. USD 100.00 was used to cater for members of Dampong Church who attended the function on my promise to sponsor them. The Asuboa church was unable to attend, saying they could not raise pocket money on their own even after the sponsorship package. The amount spent was for camp fee which included the cost of study materials, meals, accommodation and transport fare for 7 people to and from Kumasi.
The programme itself attracted an attendance of 1800 members on Sunday, 28th March,2016, which was the climax of the programme and was held at the KNUST Senior High School on the campus of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi.
Three joint worships were held on 24th January, 21st March, 2016 at Dampong and on 28th February, 2016 at Asuboa. Most members of each church travelled to join hands to worship on a particular Sunday on a monthly basis. I assist them financially in this direction.
  1. 5. VISITS
I visited both towns on 11 occasions during the 3 month period. Immediately after 31st December, 2015, fuel prices were increased astronomically with a corresponding 15% hike in transport fares, worsening the situation in transportation. I am still studying with five people who are responding very well and I hope at least 3 of them will soon baptise by the grace of God. One brother Baah who lives 4.8km away from Asuboa in a typical cottage backslided last year. I made two return trips on foot to study the Bible with him and by God’s grace, he has been restored. In all, I spent USD145.00 including my meals in all my visits
I will do my best to be in touch with Brother George to see what has been done so far about the shipment. However, in another development I pray that if it would be possible to help me with a video camera, an important equipment which escaped my mind. I do not really have a brand name and specification in mind. I just want at least something to use in capturing most of the activities I am doing so as to let you have a true picture of what is happening on the ground. Kindly contact some brethren in your church who you think will be able to assist in this direction. I would not mind if it is a good slightly used one.Brother Jeffrey and his wife, Sister Rener volunteered to support me financially for two months before the elders took over. I hope someone could also do same on the video camera. I do not feel comfortable sending pictures and I hope video clips would actually speak for me.CONCLUSIONChristians definitely need help which will assist them to be in position to study subjects that will encourage them to grow, develop and to become mature as children of God. This will inspire them not only to be faithful but also to effectively teach others. And this is exactly what I am doing to save souls for Christ, therefore any support given me either in cash or in kind would be fruitfully utilised for God’s work

Dear brother Jeffery,
Gracious love and peace be to you in Jesus name.
Brother Jeffery, I am very sorry to have delayed in sending to you the first quarter report on time.
The delay was due to the fact that I was busily working at Asuboa and Dampong supervising the building project at Dampong which’s pictures are included in this mail to you. Moreover, there is no ICT centre which I can rely on internet connectivity until I came back to Ejisu. Please tell the elders of the Washington church of Christ to bear with me because it is not an easy task to work in small towns in Ghana.
Please, find below the report on Asuboa and Dampong churches from 1st October through 31st December, 2015
Brother George Adom visited Ghana and was worshipping at Ejisu church of Christ where I am currently living. I attended most of their evening programs and had interactions with him in the church regarding the gospel work I do at the churches at Asuboa and Dampong without any sponsorship. Through our discussions brother Adom was optimistic that anytime he returned to the USA he would discuss my situation with some brethren In the church he worships and hoped things would work out well.
Truly to his effort he introduced me to brother Jeffery Bunner and his wife, Renea, who wholeheartedly accepted to put my request before the elders of the Washington Church of Christ.
Correspondence started on 31st July, 2015 between me and brother Jeffery and his wife. They first took my plight into consideration and out of their free will sent me an amount of US$120 and US$50 which I received on 3rd September, 2015 and 9th October, 2015 respectively.
Brother Jeffery also put my situation before the elders of the Washington Church of Christ. The elders also agreed to my proposal and sent to me a questionnaire which I answered and mailed back.
The Washington Church, having gone through my answers to them decided to support me financially and materially for twelve months. So far I have received the support in this order, being the last quarter of 2015 but the first in our agreement.
1st – US$200.00 dated 23rd October, 2015
2nd – US$200.00 dated 6th November,2015
3rd - US$200.00 dated 21st December,2015
I am yet to receive any material support that could rather help me to achieve the ultimate goal.
Since I do not stay in the towns, I could hardly go very often to work on Sundays, but from the period that I started receiving the financial support I am to on every Sunday and have some week days to see to the building projects.
I travel from Ejisu to both Asuboa and Dampong a distance of about 52 kilometres. A return journey cost GH35.00 including my meals.
Between 1st October, 20i5 and 31st December, 2015, I made the following trips.
1) October 2015 – 8 return trips: 8 times at GH35 per trip = GH280.00
2) November, 2015 – 13 return trips:13 times GH35 per trip = GH455.00
3) December, 2015 – 15 return trips 15 times GH35 per trip = GH525.00
In December, I travelled more than the other two months in order to study with some of the visitors at Asuboa during the Visitors’ Day and also to see to the project we are undertaking at Dampong on the new church building.
This however has increased the average attendance at both churches. Efforts are on the way to rent two rooms one at Asuboa and the other at Dampong so that I can be spending more time there to evangelize in the area
Visitors day at Asuboa
On the 29th of November, 2015 the church at Asuboa organised a Visitors’ Day and used the occasion to honour brother Sampson Ofori for his splendid performance in church activities.( pictures have already been sent to you.)
The cost of the Bible, printing and framing of the Citation and printing of the invitation cards were borne by me through the financial support.
Pictures of the continuation of the church building at Dampong are included in this report for your perusal to show you the impact the support is making.
Cost of living in Ghana is so high and the insensitivity of the government is making things worse for the plight of the ordinary Ghanaians. Everything is costly and we might even face famine if God does not intervene.
Please pray for me and my family so that I can still lead the crusade in fighting for the Lord through the Gospel.

Vital Correspondence from early development of Washington Church of Christ/Ghana-Brother John-Church of Christ Connection

John Wilson Ellis Anyim <jwilsoneanyim@gmail.com>

Jul 31

to me

Attachments area
Preview attachment INTRODUCTORY LETTER.docx
P.O. BOX EJ 477,
Email: jwilsoneanyim@gmail.com
Dear Sir
Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. I am the preacher whom Brother George Adom of Washington Church of Christ- Pennsylvania introduced to you.
Now that each one of us has got the others’ email address, I hope it will be more appropriate for us to continue our discussions in detail in an earnest way concerning the gospel work I am propagating in two towns in Ghana all by myself.
Please, let us pray to God through our Lord Jesus Christ to give us long life and strength to continue with His work.
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. May the Almighty God richly bless you as you have planned to help the growth of the Lord’s Church in Ghana especially in the two towns in which I am seriously working to save souls for Christ.
I would happy to supply you with further information should you give a reply to my message.
Greetings to you and your family in Christ Jesus’ name.
Thank you
Yours in Christ,

Jeffrey Bunner <neajb93000@gmail.com>

Aug 1

to John

Brother John: His peace be with you. I received your email & letter. Thank you for your time and words about our Lord's work. Your efforts are truly blessed. I will send you a longer response by end of tomorrow. I believe God and the Holy Spirit have aligned our love for Jesus and our hope to carry His message to all the world. Enjoy His day. Jeff
On Jul 31, 2015 4:38 PM, "John Wilson Ellis Anyim" <jwilsoneanyim@gmail.com> wrote:

John Wilson Ellis Anyim <jwilsoneanyim@gmail.com>

Aug 6

to me

Dear brother Jeffery, your reply to my letter dated 31st July 2015 is at hand. I am therefore expecting your long letter as indicated in your message to me, to enable us continue with our discussions.
May the Almighty God through His son Jesus Christ continue to bless you richly throughout your life.Amen
My regards to your family
Yours in Christ, John Wilson E. Anyim

Jeffrey Bunner <neajb93000@gmail.com>

Aug 9

to John

Brother John: My dear new friend in Christ. Glory to God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

I must ask for your forgiveness in not responding to you sooner. We have been very preoccupied with the illness of my wife's (Renea) grandfather (his name is George Taylor). He has been sick for some time; however, George became much worse over the last two weeks and we have been watching and praying constantly.

George went to meet our Lord very early Saturday morning and we are both sad and happy. George loved his Lord and Savior and now rests in His arms.

I beg your forgiveness for maybe making you think I had forgotten about our desire to spread His word and gospel. We are very tired from the past few weeks, but joyful in our thoughts of Christ and our mission. I am preparing myself to lead communion at our church gathering today. I will have some time this evening to write you.

Until then, God's peace to you Brother John.


I Peter 1: 18-19

John Wilson Ellis Anyim <jwilsoneanyim@gmail.com>

Aug 10

to me

My family and I are deeply saddened by the passing of your wife's

grandfather. May God grant his rest in His bosom till we meet there

with him someday. Accept our condolences. It is my prayer the Good

Lord grants you strength and peace to continue with his gospel.

Jeffrey Bunner <neajb93000@gmail.com>

Aug 11

to John

Dear Brother John: Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, son of the Living God.

I sincerely thank you for your condolences regarding the passing of Renea's Grandfather. He was a man of great faith and made his wishes known as to the family not grieving too long knowing he is where he longed to be, in the arms of the Lord. Hallelujah.

In order to save time I have simply attached a list of questions for you regarding your great ministry in Ejisu - Ashanti, Ghana, West Africa. Your answers to these questions will bring us into the light regarding your circumstances and your needs. From here our Elders can make a caring and loving decision with God's gifts.

We love Jesus, and therefore we love you and those people in your churches. We will do everything we can to serve you in God's work and the cause of Jesus Christ. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to hearing from you very soon.

May you find joy every day in the faith, hope and love of Jesus Christ and may God's peace be with you.

In Christian Love,

To: Brother John

3 John 7-8

It was for the sake of the Name that they went out, receiving no help from the pagans. We ought therefore to show hospitality to such people so that we may work together for the truth.

Something About You and Your Location

1. What do you most enjoy about your work?

2. Can you tell us something about your life path?

3. What is a typical day like for you? your family?

4. What most encourages you in your work? What has God revealed to you about your ministry and what needs to be done?

5. Tell us something about the people and culture of your country. What is good? What is not so good?

6. What is security in the country and your area like?

7. Are you able to share the gospel and minister to people freely in your country and area of service?

8. What is the economic situation of the people you minister to?

9. Are many people responsive to the gospel or just a few? Why?

Something About Your Churches and Teachings

10. Can you tell us about your local churches?

11. What are your church services like?

12. What is your relation to other Churches of Christ in your country?

13. Simply, what are your teachings in relation to salvation? What are the steps to salvation in your teachings?

14. Please tell us of someone whose life was impacted with the gospel and the change you saw in his/her life.

Something About Your Need

15. What is the greatest spiritual need you notice in your ministry? Physical need?
16. Are you able to purchase the books, supplies, and materials you need for your ministry in your area? How? Do you/your church members need help with supplies?

17. Are there times that you specifically focus on children's needs? Tell us something about them.

18. How is your support? If your personal support is good do you have any projects that need funding?

19. How can we help you? Financially? Supplies? Both? What is the depth of your need?

20. What are some specific prayer requests you have for your country and ministry?

John Wilson Ellis Anyim <jwilsoneanyim@gmail.com>

Aug 11

to me

Dear Brother in Christ, I have received the mail and the accompanying

questions. I will furnish you with all the information you need latest

by Sunday 16th August 2015

Thank you.

Yours in Christ,


John Wilson Ellis Anyim

Aug 16

to me

Brother in Christ, I forget to add the pictures of the building

projects being undertaken in the congregations in which I work.

Attached to this mail are the pictures of the buildings

NOTE: I will furnish pictures separately.

Jeffrey Bunner <neajb93000@gmail.com>

Aug 16

to John

Our thoughts have passed through space. I just sent a message to you and asked about pictures. The Holy Spirit at work I think. If you can send more they would be well received. Enjoy His day with joy.

John Wilson Ellis Anyim

Aug 23

to me

I will be sending you a series of pictures as you requested. In the

picture, I was leading the Lord's Supper during our service today.

John Wilson Ellis Anyim

Aug 16

to me, adomgeorge77

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope you and your family are fine by the Grace of God.
I have replied the questions you sent me. I have attached the reply of my answers to the mail.
May God help both of us in all our endeavours.


1. What do you most enjoy about your work?
Teaching during our Bible study classes, doing personal work and also preaching in church are among the things I enjoy about my work.

2. Can you tell us something about your life path?

My name is John E.W. Anyim, born on 25th January, 1952 into a poor pagan family at Prekesease, a cottage in the New Edubiase District of the Ashanti region in Ghana. I had my high school education at Kumasi Secondary Technical School in Kumasi. I then enrolled at the Kumasi Polytechnic to study Electrical Engineering Technicians’ Course and finally did a Professional Course in Computer Hardware Engineering and Networking at the Garden City University College.
I was baptised into the Lord’s Church on 11th December, 1983. After my baptism, I joined a part time training course for preachers, that was organised by the Church of Christ at Bomso for 3 and a half years. I undertook the above preachers’ course whiles working at the Physics Department of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi as a Technician.
I am married with four children; the first has just completed a BSc. Physics degree program and the last one still in class six in a primary school. I retired from my employment at the University on 1st October, 2012. I reside at Ejisu and I work in the Asuboa and Dampong Churches of Christ as a visiting Preacher. I have been working with the above churches since 1989.

3. What is a typical day like for you? your family?
I often wake up at 4 am each day. After I have said my morning prayers, I meet with the entire family for our morning devotion at 5:30 am. I rest a little bit after our devotion, and then I do some work in my garden. I usually do my personal work (evangelism) every three days.
My family and I often have an evening devotion when I return home. We also engage in a Bible study discussion. During the Bible study, I give my children the opportunity to also teach in order to determine their growth in the Word of God.

4. What most encourages you in your work? What has God revealed to you about your ministry and what needs to be done?

The interactions I have with different people with different backgrounds and beliefs including pagans and Muslims during my evangelism are what encourage me most in my work.
The revelation from God to me about my work is that I should evangelise to win more souls for Christ in my life time.
I need to pray for strength, wisdom and long life to enable me do this with the support from well to do Christians since I cannot do that alone.

5. Tell us something about the people and culture of your country. What is good? What is not so good?
The people of my country, Ghana are very receptive and hospitable to all manner of people. They are also hardworking in their respective fields of work. The culture of the nation is very diverse because the nation comprises many different people with different cultural backgrounds. We however live at peace with each other and tolerate each other’s cultures.

6. What is security in the country and your area like?
The security of the country is generally good. The security in my area is especially calm.

7. Are you able to share the gospel and minister to people freely in your country and area of service?
Yes, I am able to share the gospel of Christ with anyone in my country and area of service, and I do so freely.

8. What is the economic situation of the people you minister to?
The people I minister to in my area are poor because they are mainly peasant farmers. Despite their poverty, they are very receptive to the gospel of Christ.

9. Are many people responsive to the gospel or just a few? Why?
Many of the people are receptive to the message, but not all of them are responsive to it. This is mainly attributed to their economic hardships and social problems. Some people are also not responsive to the gospel because of the churches they attend (because of the types of services they hold in their respective churches, that is, their worship is accompanied by instrumental music). Others are however responsive to the message, hence they get baptised and start growing in the church, but their growth comes to a standstill when they are confronted with some hardships in life (like the seeds that fell among the thorns, Luke 8:7).

10. Can you tell us about your local churches?

My local churches are; Dampong Church of Christ and Asuboa Church of Christ. Both of these churches are located in the Asante Akim South District of the Ashanti Region and very close to the boundary of the Eastern Region. The Dampong Church was established in 1984 with the help of some preachers, some of whom are still helping. Four years later, in the year 1993, I managed to establish another church at Asuboa about 5 kilometres away from Dampong. Here are some few details concerning the membership, average giving and average attendances for both churches:
Membership Dampong Church 32 (including children)
Asuboa Church 57 (including children)

Average Giving Dampong Church GHȼ15
Asuboa Church GHȼ 36

Average Attendance Dampong Church 21
Asuboa Church 37
The membership drive cannot be sustained most of the time because the youth migrate to urban centres for employment. I am however happy that about 90% of them are still Christians. The enthusiasm to help the churches at home is not forthcoming due to economic constrains.
11. What are your church services like?
On Sundays we follow the pattern that has been set up for all churches of Christ worldwide. On the first day of the week when we meet together, the following are what we do observe:
  1. I. We sing hymns and spiritual songs (Singing)
  2. II. We pray (Prayers)
  3. III. We partake of the Lord’s Supper and give out our means (Giving)
  4. IV. We read and study the word of God (teaching)
  5. V. We listen to the word of God (exhortation)
We also do evening worship on Sundays to enable those who could not attend morning worship to observe what was done in the morning. Here is a line-up of services within the week:
Tuesday Men’s training class (7pm – 8pm)
Wednesday Bible Studies for all (7pm – 8pm)
Thursday Women’s training class (7pm -8pm)
Friday Prayer meeting for all (7pm – 8pm)
Saturday Youth training class (7pm - 8pm)
12. What is your relation to other Churches of Christ in your country?
There is a cordial relation with other Churches of Christ. There is a tremendous growth of Churches of Christ in my country as a result no minister, preacher or evangelist can live in isolation. I work together with many preachers. At the moment I am teaming up with four others who willingly are assisting me to evangelise my area to establish more churches if it is the will of God.
13. Simply, what are your teachings in relation to salvation? What are the steps to salvation in your teachings?

Since the church is made up of people who are already saved in Christ, Acts 2:47 my teachings in relation to salvation is as follows:
  1. a. We are purchased with the blood of Christ ( Acts 10:28, Matthew 26:28)
  2. b. Coming to Christ
  3. I. Hear the word of God
  4. II. Believe the word of God
  5. III. Repent of our sins (Hebrews 11:6)
  6. IV. Confess that Christ is the son of God ( Luke 13:3)
  7. V. Be baptised into Christ (Romans 10:9,10; Acts 2:38; Galatians 3:27)
    1. c. In Matthew 28:1-20, Christians after baptism must continue to obey Christ as in John 14:5 and worship Him in Spirit and truth (John 4:24) to enhance their chances of being saved.

14. Please tell us of someone whose life was impacted with the gospel and the change you saw in his/her life.

Brother Sampson Ofori was a local sub chief at Asuboa. At the time I met him he had attended not less than five different churches and had stopped to be installed as a sub-chief with the title “Nifahene”. It was very difficult to approach him but I gathered courage and my message hit him like a bullet and he accepted Christ. To get baptized was another task because he could not understand why he should be baptised again when he had already been baptised into other churches. He finally agreed and was baptised into the church in 1993. He has been able to withstand the test of time. He relinquished his stool and all the benefits he could get in life as a chief. The most wonderful thing in his conversion is that he has with my help been able to convert his wife who was a fetish priestess to the surprise of the people at Asuboa. Brother Ofori is still in the church after a period of more than 22 years of baptism. He is now a leading member of the Church. He can teach and preach and he helps the church in cash and kind in his own small way in the building of the new church which is still under construction. He is now a role model for the church, and even at the age of 83 years, he is still strong and providing a good leadership.
15. What is the greatest spiritual need you notice in your ministry? Physical need?
The greatest spiritual need I have noticed in my ministry is the prayers to sustain me in the ministry. For the physical need, I need a public address system to enable me and my team to do public preaching in the towns and beyond for the establishment of new congregations.

16. Are you able to purchase the books, supplies, and materials you need for your ministry in your area? How? Do you/your church members need help with supplies?
There is a big problem in this aspect. I used to purchase the study materials myself while I was gainfully employed with the University and was receiving a salary at the end of every month. Presently, I am on pension and my income now cannot support both the ministry and my family at home. Two of my children are pursuing University education, one is also in the Senior High School and the other is still in the Primary School. Hence purchasing study materials has become extremely difficult.
Secondly, my church members are poor farmers who cannot make ends meet because of the economic conditions in the country (Ghana)
Therefore we need help with regards to study materials and supplies

17. Are there times that you specifically focus on children's needs? Tell us something about them.
My attention specifically cannot be over emphasized, however due to the lack of teaching materials and things that can make them remain in the churches. They are drawn into all the other churches because of the instrumental music during their worship. A few of the children who however follow their parents are partially catered for by the church.

18. How is your support? If your personal support is good do you have any projects that need funding?
I do not receive any support from anywhere. I use my own inadequate resources for the ministry in the two towns and not forgetting the Church at Ejisu. There is also the need for the funding for the two churches. We started building projects in the two towns some years back but cannot complete them due to the lack of funding. Photos for the uncompleted buildings for the churches at Dampong, Asuboa and Ejisu (where I worship sometimes, and attend most of my evening services) for your perusal. Of the 3 churches, if there would be any funding I pray that the Asuboa church be considered first.

19. How can we help you? Financially? Supplies? Both? What is the depth of your need?
I hope you could help me both financially and in terms of supplies. The depth of my need is so great and I only leave it to you to consider my plight and that of the churches also because of the ongoing construction works. We have been worshipping in school classrooms and have managed to purchase 2 plots of land each for the church buildings. As a result of that I cannot mention any specific amount now, since that would be based on proper estimation.

20. What are some specific prayer requests you have for your country and ministry?
My country (Ghana) is in some amount of economic mess right now; my prayers are therefore for the economic resuscitation and transformation, and also for the eradication of corruption.
Our medical doctors are currently on a strike and it is also my prayer that they rescind their decision and go back to work. It is also my prayer that the Presidency and the government communicators respect the citizens of the nation. I also pray for peace and unity for the nation so that the nation can move forward and I will also be able to advance the gospel to many other communities.
For the ministry, my prayer request is that God should touch the hearts of the unbelievers so that they accept Christ and be added to the Church as it happened in Peter’s sermon in Act 2:41-47 for the growth of the church in my area of ministration.

Jeffrey Bunner <neajb93000@gmail.com>

Aug 16

Brother John: Thank you for your greetings. May God's grace. wisdom, and love direct our every action. In the sweet name of Jesus I pray for you, your work, and your people. I have received your kind, thoughtful, and considerate responses to my questions. I will speak to our Elders as soon as possible; however, we may have to wait until the beginning of September before a decision is made about church funds. Also, can you send us a few pictures of you, your area, people, facilities, etc., mentioned in your letter? Maybe you can show your need in some of these pictures. We have faith in God's promise through Jesus without seeing, but it seems that most people learn through images, or at least images enhance the verbal message ('A picture is worth a thousand words").

Yes, may God help us all.

Your Brother in Christ,

John Wilson Ellis Anyim

Aug 19

Greetings in the name of God. I hope you and you're family are well as

we are here. I received your mail concerning the reply I sent to your

questions. I pray the Good Lord facilitates our work to spread the

gospel in my country.

Jeffrey Bunner <neajb93000@gmail.com>

Aug 22

Brother John: Praise the Lord and His Son Jesus Christ! We are so happy to hear that you are well. We are very well and happy that we are focused on things above and not of this world. Once again, thank you for your reply to our questions. If I may ask, how do you baptize? At the moment when people are ready? Do you do as we do and immerse believers completely under water as our Lord Jesus was baptized? I hope you do not mind our questions. I would rather come to see you if it were more convenient, but for now we will use technology for the good. Peace be to you Brother and may the Grace of God be on you, your family and your work.

John Wilson Ellis Anyim

Aug 23

Greetings to you and your family Brother Jeff. I hope you're fine by

the abundant Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. On the issue of baptism,

when the prospects declare their intentions to baptize, they're taken

through a series of questions to ensure that they fully understand the

step they're about to take. They're then taken to a nearby river

(since its a rural area, its quite easier to come by rivers). We then

allow them to change their clothes and then put on the clothes the

church has bought for purposes of baptism. The person is then allowed

to confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. The person

is then taken into the river and is baptized by immersion in the Name

of God the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

We also follow the examples laid down in the Bible especially in the

Book of Acts such as:

1. The Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8

2. Those baptized on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2.

3. Saul (who later became Paul) in Acts 9: 18.

4. Cornelius and his family in Acts 10

5. The Philippian jailer in Acts 16.

As a result of the above examples in the Bible, we make sure that once

a person accepts Jesus Christ as his or her personal Saviour, we

baptise the person without any further delays. After the baptism, we

continue to teach the person to continue to observe the teaching of


John Wilson Ellis Anyim

Aug 23

May the Good Lord continue to be our Help and Guide in all our endeavours.

Jeffrey Bunner <neajb93000@gmail.com>

Aug 23

Brother John all praise to Jesus and our Lord God. What a glorious day, we saw our wonderful, beautiful niece accept the Lord and baptized today. She was baptized in a lake in a rural area outside of Cleveland, Ohio. When we heard of her plans for today we drove a total of 400 miles to witness the most important commitment of her life. Your words about baptism brings tears to my eyes, but I am sure the angels are singing and God is well pleased. God's peace to you Brother John and all glory be to Christ our Lord.

John Wilson Ellis Anyim

Aug 23

Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ for this great day in your niece's

life. My family and I share in the joy of your niece. We would also

like to send her our profound congratulations. We pray that God guides

her in her Christian life.

My regards to your niece and our new Sister in Christ.

May the Peace and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

John Wilson Ellis Anyim

Aug 24

Geetings in the name of God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Brother Jeffery, I hope you and your family are all fine.

I would very much appreciate it if you could kindly acknowledge

receipt of the mails of the church at Asuboa that I sent you.

May the Grace and Peace of God continue to abound for us all.
Brother John. Praise and Joy today and every day. The world tries to bring us down, but we know that we must look upward for Heavenly treasures. Yes, I have received all your emails and thank you for sharing. God's grace and peace be with you and your church. The only pictures that did not come through are those of you teaching Sunday school and the main street in Asuboa.

I just started back to school last week and this has temporarily taken me away from my desired time with God and His purposes. I am a school teacher at the local high school. I will be speaking to our Elders soon. Brother John: More power to you and your cause. The pictures you sent inspire me to work harder for the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ. I admire you and your work and constantly pray for you, your family, your church, and those who can be saved by the Gospel.

ALL Glory be to God,
Brother Jeff

Brother Jeffery, Peace and Grace abound to you in the name of our Lord

Jesus Christ. Thank you for acknowledging receipt of all the mails

that I sent to you. Thank you for your initiative to talk to the

Elders of your church about my work in the Asuboa church. I will send

you pictures of the Dampong church also latest by next Monday.

I will also send the remaining pictures regarding the Asuboa church.

May the Good Lord continue to bless us in all our work. May God bless

you in your work as a high school teacher also.

John Wilson Ellis Anyim

Aug 31 (12 days ago)

to me

Brother Jeffery, I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I trust you and your family are well as we are here.
I have sent some pictures concerning the Dampong Church also.
I would appreciate it if you sent an acknowledgement of receipt when get these pictures.
May God's Grace and Peace continue to be with you and the entire family.

Jeffrey Bunner <neajb93000@gmail.com>

Aug 31 (12 days ago)

to John

Brother John: Praise the Lord and His Son Jesus Christ! Let us be joyful each and every day focusing on treasures above. I have received all but the Sunday school picture (your bible class). It is wonderful to see your work in action on behalf of our Lord and Savior. Thank you so much for taking the time to send us these beautiful images.

In His Love and peace to you and your family.

Brother Jeff and Sister Renea

John Wilson Ellis Anyim

Sep 1 (11 days ago)

to me

May the Grace of God be with you and your family. Thank you for

acknowledging receipt of the pictures. I know that with the help of

God through You and Sister Renea, I'll be able to work harder than I

have already done.

May God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, greatly bless you and

Sister Renea in all that you do.

Jeffrey Bunner <neajb93000@gmail.com>

Sep 1 (11 days ago)

to John

John Wilson Ellis Anyim

Sep 2 (10 days ago)

to me

Brother Jeffery and Sister Renea: May the Grace of God be with you.

I pray that the Good Lord blesses you abundantly. May He give me

favour in the eyes of your Elders so that they can also help my


Once again thank you.

Jeffrey Bunner <neajb93000@gmail.com>

Sep 2 (10 days ago)

Go with God. Let us seek the kingdom of God in all we say and do. May we become more like Jesus, and less like ourselves each and every day. Peace to you all.

John Wilson Ellis Anyim

Sep 4 (8 days ago)

Brother Jeffery, I greet you and your family in the name of our Lord

Jesus Christ.

Brother Jeff, I would like you to kindly forward all the messages

from me to Brother George Adom for his perusal. I am doing this to

enable Brother Adom to know what is going on between us. I shall be

very happy if that is done.

My Brother, I would also like to know when the Church ( your

congregation and Elders) will come in to assist us both materially and

financially to continue with effective evangelism.

May the Peace of God be with us all. Amen

Jeffrey Bunner <neajb93000@gmail.com>

Sep 6 (6 days ago)

to John

Brother John: God's Peace my friend. I trust that all is well with you and family. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. I spoke to our Elders today and set up a meeting for Monday, 14 September to give my missions report. I have been investigating local, national, and international missions opportunities and will report my findings to the Elders next week. I will recommend that we find a way to support your efforts in Asuboa and Dampong (financially, materially, and of course spiritually). If possible, could you please provide an itemized list of material items needed that we could send to assist your ministry? I spoke to Brother George at church services tonight. I will provide him with all correspondence we have shared. I have asked Brother George to attend the meeting with the Elders so he can witness to your needs. May the spirit of Jesus take us over, mind, body, and soul.

John Wilson Ellis Anyim

3:17 PM (20 hours ago)

to me

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Daniel <daniel.anyim@airtelgh.blackberry.com>

Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 17:48:14 +0000

Subject: Material Support

To: Dad <jwilsoneanyim@gmail.com>

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I trust you and

your family are well. It was all joy when I broke the news of you and

your church's intended material and financial support to the Asuboa

and Dampong Churches of Christ on Sunday, 6th September, 2015.

I had a series of discussions on the issue with the leadership of the

two churches before breaking the news to them. There was jubilation

among members upon hearing what the Almighty God wants to do for them

through you and Sister Renea. It is going to be a sign of relief for

them because they have suffered and are still suffering from a number

of setbacks in study materials and the general welfare of members due

to financial constraints in Ghana.

Your church's proposed contribution towards uplifting our local church

is therefore very much welcomed.

I want you and your church to always pray for some members of the

Asuboa Church who journey between 3 and 5 kilometres on foot from some

surrounding cottages to come and worship on Sundays.

In another development, we shall be having Visitors' Day on different

dates at Asuboa and Dampong in November, 2015 and it will be climaxed

by a fellowship meal. Church members will invite their friends and

family members to grace the occasion.

With regards to the list of materials you asked for, I have put them

into 4 categories, which are: MASS PUBLIC EVANGELISM, PERSONAL


provided below:


1. Laptop computer

2. Projector

3. Projector Screen

4. Microphone

5. Microphone Stand

6. Amplifier

7. Loudspeaker

8. 2.5KvA Generator


1. Thompson Chain Reference Bible (For 5 preachers)

2. Suitable Bible Commentary (For 5 Preachers)


Tracts and study materials on Salvation, Baptism, the Church and any

other related topics that can be distributed during public preaching

and also for Church Edification.


1. Bibles (New King James Version)

We shall be giving these Bibles to people who give themselves in

baptism and join the church as a source of motivation. They will also

be given out as rewards for Quizzes organised.

To crown it all, I wish your church Elders would also consider

supporting I and the other 4 workers who usually come to support me in

my area. It is my hope that now that I am into retirement from the

public sector service, I would use my time judiciously for the work of

God when given the needed material and financial support.

The entire membership of the two congregations including Bother and

Sister Sampson Ofori, the oldest people in the church extend their

warmest greetings to you and your wife and your church adding: " You

are most welcome anytime you want to visit Ghana to see the progress

of the Church and how your assistance has been used.

May God bless us all.


Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Airtel Ghana

John Wilson Ellis Anyim

4:41 PM (19 hours ago)

to me

Brother Jeff and Sister Renea, I trust you are all well by the Grace of God.

I'm sorry that I didn't send the list of materials needed earlier this

week. I have been quite preoccupied this week because three of my

children reopened school this week. So I had to raise some funds to

pay for the respective tuition fees.

I have sent the list of material items. This list is however subject

to your review.

I would very much appreciate it, if you could go through the list of

items and then give me a feedback before its taken to the Elders of

your church.

May the Grace and Peace of God be with us all.


Jeffrey Bunner <neajb93000@gmail.com>

12:28 PM (0 minutes ago)

to John

Brother John: God's peace be with you on this glorious day. May we shed ourselves and take on more of Christ each day. You, your family, and all about you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I believe your list of material items is well done. It is best to ask for everything you need so we can fully identify what we are able to provide. As your Brothers and Sisters in Christ we will do everything possible to share the gifts that God has provided to the Body of Christ (Hebrews 13:16).

I am happy God has chosen me to carry this message to our Elders. I ask for God's guidance through the Holy Spirit in all I say and do. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

I will keep you informed Brother John.

God's power, love, and sound mind for us all (2 Timothy 1:7)
Brother Jeff